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Pure, Natural Beauty

Bog Oak is characterized by its dark color diversity, eye-catching wood structure and unparalleled strength and hardness, as brought on by centuries and millennia of fossilization. As one of the rarest and most expensive woods in the world, bog oak is a unique material that brings life to any room.


Bog Oak is preserved at the bottom of lakes, rivers and bogs for hundreds and even thousands of years.


The color of Bog Oak can vary based on its age, species and preservation conditions, and renowned for its rich, dark colors ranging from golden to black.


Bog Oak is an exceptionally hard wood, often characterized by its beautiful rings, its unique cracks, its stunning grain and overall extraordinary texture.


Bogwood is an all-natural, raw product which is recycled and given a second life by craftsmen, who use this extraordinary building material to create furniture, floors, walls and doors for the most elegant interior designs.

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